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The Richest Person BILL GATES Net Worth 2018

In 1975, William Henry Gates launched what we all know today as a Microsoft company. From the poker room at Harvard. Today, Gates is the richest person in the world with an Internet price of $ 81.3 billion (at the end of 2016). That puts the price of the Internet above me, Capitalist Warren Buffett ($ 64.8 billion) and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ($ 54.7 billion).

And that should sound surprising, however, richer. In 1999, at the height of the dot-com boom, Gates's wealth reached a record $ 101 billion, making him the world's first "world-class" billionaire. Gates was first noted as a rich man, for the first time in Forbes, the richest person in America, this year by Microsoft, just a few days before his thirty-second birthday. At that time, he was the most successful youngest man in the world, with an internet price of 1.25 billion dollars.

So, however, Gates switched from an experiment in his room to be the last computing pioneer and the richest person in the world? Keep looking for him to find out.

Early life and education

Gates was born at the port of entry for master's degrees and bankers, and Gates was a professional computer champion at an early age. During this time, some children even knew how to operate a computer; However, he learned to program at the age of thirteen on the teletype model, thirty-three were purchased by his staff. The first part is noughts and cross-games that unite users with computers. Influenced by what they saw, academics began to forgive him from the category to introduce him further and sharpen his programming skills in computer science laboratories.

At Harvard, Gates continued to spend most of his time in the scientific laboratory, and finally, along with his parents' blessings, dropped on the school side to focus on developing a new software system.

Gates's success story

Starting as a small company headquartered in downtown New Mexico, Microsoft jumped into the radio engineering industry and began in 1980 when IBM used the business to improve its laptop. This partnership became a springboard for Gates, who is 1985 used his connection with IBM to repair computers with two operating systems that he created: Microsoft Windows and OS / 2.

Gates-based software systems IBM is struggling with Apple's Steve Jobs to dominate the home computer market in most of the nine hundred and eighty. In the following decade, when Apple struggled with Jobs, the World Health Organization left the company in 1985, Microsoft developed a revolutionary software system from ninety-five windows. This update is very easy from previous versions of Windows and will have a sharp swing setting to Microsoft. On the other hand, Apple, which continued to struggle until the first 21st century, was supported by Jobs, the company that created the iMac line, which made it a viable competitor in the future.

Gates is said to be the creator of a partner degree and a smart manager, who makes nonsense and dissent. He shot a crooked concept that he thought was inappropriate, usually with a disparaging tone that made people embarrassed by that thought. By maintaining Gates' generosity in order to remain to stand, most employees praise their management status as maximizing potential, reducing procedures, and continuing to make the company move forward.

Bill Gates made a computer
Before William Henry Gates came to the market for the highest code on computers, he had to make the best computing prototype: PC.

Bill, who was twenty years old, had just been born from Harvard, and so was the PC revolution. Digital computers began with a binary 8800 MITS computer kit. With a tag of $ 397 in 1975, it was one of the most affordable computers in the glorious market by colleagues who saw an avalanche of orders as a result. Binary 8800 is also displayed in the closing summary of the very popular January 1975 edition of Natural Philosophy. When he read the article, Gates was referred to as MITS and told them that he and his colleagues made the BASIC language for the machine. Ed Roberts, MITS president, responded by asking to imagine a demonstration. This is an obstacle Gates bullied, trying to determine the company's interests. However, in a few weeks, Gates, along with his friends and business associates, Paul Allen, wrote an artificial language they called BASIC binary.

The demonstration was a success, and with new computational language on their belts, they were held in downtown New Mexico in search of MITS. In the summer of 1975, they were based on Microsoft Corporation (MSFT). MITS PC Binary Kit
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