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12 Unique Facts on So Ji-Sub, the Terius Player

12 Unique Facts on So Ji-Sub, the Terius Player

Even though he is quite old and not as young as other Korean actors, this oppa deserves a thumbs up thanks to his acting skills. Naturally, if there are still many who idolize the oppa . Next, Cosmo wants to provide 12 interesting facts about So Ji-Sub!

1 )He is an introvert.
This man who was born in Seoul, November 4, 1977, admitted that he was a private person who was closed and not easy to get along with during his childhood and adolescence. Even though it has been known by many people, So Ji-Sub sometimes still doesn't feel comfortable when in a new environment.

2)His initial goal was to become a swimming athlete
Before becoming an actor, Ji-Sub actually wanted to become a professional swimming athlete. His love for the field of sports this one, made him still often do swimming exercises in his free time.

3) He is a big fan of hip hop rapper Kim Sung-jae .
Previously, So Ji-Sub claimed that he joined the modeling world because he wanted to take a photo with his idol artist, Kim Sung-Jae. At that time, Sung-Jae was an ambassador for a well-known brand and Ji-Sub finally applied to become a model for the brand.

4) Ji-Sub is very close to Song Seung-hoon.
Apparently the two handsome actors are a pair of friends who always share stories with each other. Interestingly, even though both of them were both actors, Ji-Sub said that they rarely discussed acting every time they met. Usually, they discuss their personal life and love.

5) The first actor to have a street name in Korea .
Believe it or not, in Korea precisely in Kangwon province, there is a road that originates from his name. The name of the road is Ji-Sub Road and the length of the road is approximately 51 km. Wow , so proud, girls !

6) Ji-Sub never hopes to become a model.
As Cosmo said above, this dream of a Seoul-born man is just an athlete. However, because of his tall, tall body and handsome face, a number of agencies finally hired him as a model.

7) Acting is his passion .
For So Ji-Sub, acting is not merely a source of livelihood, but it is his life's desire. If Ji-Sub doesn't appear on the screen anymore, Ji-Sub wants to continue to be an acting coach so he can continue to explore the field.

8) He is good at rap and singing hip hop .
It's no secret that Ji-Sub is a multitalented person! Besides being proficient in acting, Ji-Sub is also known in Korea as a rapper and hip hop singer . One of his famous songs is titled " 18 Years ".

9) Smart making a business venture.
No wonder, if this actor is called one of the richest actors. Apart from making money from acting, Ji-Sub also made several business ventures. Among other things is a cafe called Twosome Place and also a magazine business called SONICe.

10)Had been overshadowed by Jo In-Sung's fame.
Still remembering one of Ji-sub's first dramas, What is Happened in Bali? In the drama he played with the actor whose name was known first, Jo In-Sung. This made him feel discouraged and inferior because many people who knew him were limited to "acting partners" from Jo In-Sung. However, it was successfully occupied by Ji-Sub through his personal success in other Korean dramas where he was the main actor.

11) Don't want to be the main character .
Because of the success of the Korean drama What Happened in Bali, Ji-Sub had thought that he wanted to continue being the only supporting actor in his life. But because of the television series, " I'm Sorry, I Love You " there are many offers that come to act as the main role.

12)Have won 33 awards!
Throughout his career, Ji-Sub has won 33 awards from various nominees such as the SBS Drama Awards and Fashion Model Awards. Although he has won many awards, Ji-Sub does not feel easily satisfied and always works hard to be more successful in the field he is in. We are so proud of you, So Ji-Sub! Keep up your good work and we will always support you!
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