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7 Unique Facts about Lee Dong Wook, Touch Your Heart Drama Player

7 Unique Facts about Lee Dong Wook, Touch Your Heart Drama Player

For you loyal lovers of the Korean Goblin drama, of course you are already familiar with the handsome figure of the grim reaper played by Lee Dong Wook. This one actor himself is not a new name in the Korean showbiz industry . The 37-year-old man was noted to have played various characters in a number of the best films and dramas in Korea. His handsome face, soothing smile, sexy body, and fashionable style are no wonder making Lee Dong Wook enter as a Korean actor who has many fans and is always awaited by his acting.

Intrigued to find out the unique facts of Lee Dong Wook? Here are some facts:

1)Often Get the Role of being a Rich Man

Lee Dong Wook's first unique fact is that he often gets the role of a rich and established man in Korean drama. The actor has portrayed this character in Korean dramas such as My Girl, Scent of a Woman, King Hotel, Goblin, Life, and as a lawyer in his latest Korean drama Touch of Your Heart. Well , maybe this is because the oppa 's visuals are very charismatic, girls !

2) Love to spend time alone

In contrast to male celebrities in general, Lee Dong Wook admitted that he was the type who was shy and likes to spend his time alone. In an interview, this Scorpio-starred actor said he really enjoyed his time alone while not filming. Lee Dong Wook also prefers to play games on cellphones, sleep, and snack during his days off.

3) Want to star in Drama Sageuk

Although he has tried various roles and professions in Korean films and dramas which he starred in, but Lee Dong Wook still has his own dreams in acting. One of them he wanted to star in the Korean sageuk or colossal drama . "Actually I really want to try the sageuk drama , but everyone says that my face is not suitable to play in the drama," he said while laughing. Wow, so it's curious what Lee Dong Wook looks like if he later plays in the sageuk drama !

4) Very Consistent Type of Man

Again, the actor Touch of Your Heart makes us all amazed by its nature. One of Lee Dong Wook's strengths is that he is very consistent. Every day he wakes up at 10 am, breakfast, then goes to work out with his manager. This habit he had done for years.

5) A Family Man

Not only has a consistent nature, a handsome man is also known for his very loving family. That can be seen in the variety show Roomate where Lee Dong Wook looks so close to his mother. Lee Dong Wook also loves his brother very much. "During my childhood, my family experienced financial difficulties, so we stayed in the area around the village. This makes me feel guilty for my sister, "said Lee Dong Wook.

6) Good House Cleaning

Love the family? check! Consistent? check! Suzy's former lover is also good at cleaning the house. Understandably because Lee Dong Wook lives alone and makes him accustomed to doing everything himself, including cleaning the house. Starting from cleaning the house, washing clothes and dishes, even cooking everything he can do well. Such a husband material!

7) Close friends with Gong Yoo

Korean Drama Goblin is indeed one of the most memorable Korean dramas for some people. Including the row of players who turned out to be very close like family. Lee Dong Wook also said that his relationship with Gong Yoo was very close to each other. "We told each other quite often. Sometimes we go together. Gong Yoo and I have the same drinking ability. So that we both become drinking friends who are compatible with each other. "Wow, how about girls, the more fascinated it feels with this handsome actor. Next February don't miss the latest Korean drama with Yoo In Na titled T ouch Your Heart huh!
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